Caregiving isn’t a trap...

It’s a choice.

Do you feel trapped in your role as a caregiver to someone you hardly recognize anymore?

Are you lonely, overwhelmed and frustrated?

Not getting enough play, self-expression, intimacy, help from family, career fulfillment, sleep, or ME time? 


You don't have to settle for losing who you are as you set aside your life to care for someone you love anymore. 

I'm Jill Armijo.

And I'm here to show you the way!

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The Caregiving Roadmap

Click on the video to learn more about my role as a caregiver and how to maintain self-care during the process.


I understand the struggles of taking care of a loved one. However, it is important to take care of yourself as well. If you want to share your story and learn more about balancing life as a caregiver, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Ask Me Anything

How do I find more ME Time?
Why won't he take his meds?
Why do I feel lonely when I'm constantly helping her?
How do I stop emotionally eating/drinking/shopping/watching TV, etc?
What if I don't want to stop eating/drinking . . .?
Where can I get more help?
How do I stop feeling so angry/stressed/discouraged/?


If you're asking questions and don't have the answers, I've got you. Hop on my calendar for 30 minutes with me. I'll listen. We'll figure it out together. No charge, no pitch. It makes me happy. 

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"Jill has been an invaluable source of courage and inspiration that has come into my life. Since working with Jill, I have noticed changes in not only my attitude and perspective into my situation, but also in the way that I can handle myself and deal with the multitude of challenges that come up. She has given me various tools to help me navigate through life as well as the permission to be ok with my thoughts and emotions, which has really felt like a weight lifted off my chest. I can’t recommend Jill enough!"


"I met Jill on a caregiver support Facebook page and we immediately struck up a nice friendship. She told me about her book, “Home of the Unknown Soldier," and I immediately ordered it off Amazon and began reading it. I appreciate her candid and honest story. I recently spent time via phone calls with Jill to tap into the skills and lessons she has learned. I appreciate her approach to listening with a kind, non-judgmental demeanor. I look forward to more sessions with Jill. She is a great teacher and friend."


"Jill approaches each person's issues individually. She has multiple talents to employ in my behalf, whether it is to get to the root of my pain through PT, or to encourage better nutrition. She helped me gain a firm foundation for using WFPB. Whole foods can heal so many problems that come with old age and being a care giver. I am constantly aware of the part nutrition plays in helping control my husband's progression downhill with Parkinson's"


"I love Jill and the amazing work she does! You can tell she loves her job and she truly has the skills to help people bring balance to all areas of their lives. She has been coaching me for the past few months and she is an incredible support system to have. She’s positive, motivating, professional and just such a great teacher, coach and cheerleader."



Isn't just about bubble baths, exercise, and repeating endless affirmations. You won't be successful doing the things you want until you take care of your emotional health.

Self-care isn't just about staying positive, being strong, or putting on your oxygen mask first. It's about allowing all your feelings, accepting weakness, and letting someone else help you first sometimes.

Self-care isn't just about meditation and yoga and journaling when you barely have time to breathe, let alone roll out your mat or find a pen. It's being your best friend, knowing you're supposed to make mistakes, and eating the last cookie.

Self-care starts with finding out what you need. Not what you should do. In a few short minutes, I'll help you see what you already know you need, but you've been hiding from yourself.

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