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About Jill

Hello, I’m Jill. I’m a lot like you.

My Story


I live in Lehi, UT with my husband, Joe a veteran of the United States Navy. For over 20 years, I've cared for Joe in his battle with Gulf War Illness. I honor his valiant committment to me and our boys. He has refused to give up, and truly offers "the other ultimate sacrifice every day that he stays with us on Earth.. 


When Joe came home from his first deployment, I discovered he was different, and I often felt like I hardly knew him. His illness and physical limitations, as well as his delusions meant adjustments for me and our family.  There were many days and nights when I felt helpless. I was unsure, I was scared, and I missed my husband. I mourned him, and thought our life would be better if someone could cure him. I often worried that our boys didn't deserve the life they had with us.


Then I learned I don't have to fix Joe.  I have to care for myself, in order to help him.  I learned the key to being a good caregiver, a good mom, and a happier me is by TAKING CARE OF MYSELF. And the most important self-care is emotional nurturing. 

Once I began my self healing journey, taking care of Joe became so much easier.  My thoughts that he should be who he was before the war, and that our kids deserved better, that I couldn't do this anymore, and I needed out, seldom came up.


Joe and I have a great life, we have two dogs, Spunkie and Meggie. We have 3 boys, that are grown and out being men.  We  have a new baby granddaughter, and we even get to babysit sometimes! So fun. I'm learning to cook for two, writing and running again, which came to a halt for a time when I ended up in a wheelchair from emotional eating and weight gain.


I'm passionate about helping you heal, and loving your life again.