Embrace the SUCK!

Mar 23, 2022

I think you all know by now that the point of life isn’t to feel happy or content all the time.

When you’re miserable, it doesn’t mean something has gone wrong.


You’re just having an unpleasant moment. Or a bumpy span of years.

The point of life is to have a human experience that means the world to you and helps others along their way. Sometimes your journey is blissful, and other times, it’s heartbreaking.

Lots of the time, it’s somewhere in the middle. You don’t want to stay where you are, but you aren’t running away from all the lessons. You’re building a life that gets richer all the time BECAUSE of the painful parts that you transform into wisdom and wonder.

Humans are hardwired to avoid discomfort. It helps us stay alive, solve problems, progress, and reproduce.

So, when crap happens (sometimes literally for us caregivers), we get upset. We tend to lose it, thinking we must have made a mistake or someone else did. We do whatever it takes to abolish uncomfortable feelings.

This misconception is what causes the most trouble, not the poop. 

We forget that life isn’t supposed to be easy and feel fabulous all the time.

If we accept our feelings instead of resisting them, we realize they won’t hurt us. They aren’t lovely, but they don’t harm us.

Stress that people experience because of uncomfortable emotions comes from thinking we should be happy and positive instead of pissed off or glum.

I hear people teach meditation or affirmations as a way OUT of their natural, clean, human emotions.

Meditation and affirmations are wonderful, and I do them and recommend them highly, but not as a tool to bury your grief, fear, or shame. Emotions buried alive never die.

Instead of fighting our emotions, which usually only causes them to escalate to more intense feelings such as anxiety or panic, what if you simply allowed your frustration to be there with you while you fix dinner? 

With a humble, open heart, feel the sensation in your body without calling it negative or positive. Give your emotion a name, color, texture, and temperature. Describe it to yourself. Is it like a mouse or a dragon, a tornado or a warm breeze, a deep tunnel, or a sunny meadow?

Feeling sad or worried, or impatient is part of a beautiful life where you also get to feel happy, content, and compassionate. Don’t rob yourself of sensing all of it just because some of it is uncomfortable.

You are an incredible person, capable of feeling ALL the things.

Accept, allow, and enjoy the beauty and contrast of human emotion.

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