One-Month of Caregiver Insight Journal Prompts

Dec 10, 2021


  1. How do you want to feel right now? - Maybe you want to be happy, maybe not. Can you write about wanting to be frustrated or disappointed or any other emotion without judging that you "shouldn't" feel that way, or pushing it aside in an attempt to be "positive"? 
  1. List five things you did well in the past 24 hours. - This stumps a lot of people. If you continually work on writing five things each day, it can change your life. 
  1. What are some of your values in life? - After writing several of them, go over each one a day at a time and ponder them, noticing whether these values are serving you and those you love in the best way. It can surprise you what you've been lugging around that isn't helping. 
  1. List two uncomfortable feelings you had today. - Notice where in your body you feel discomfort. Is there a texture, color, or sound you can associate with a feeling to begin processing it? Allow it to be present. How does it change your perception? 
  1. What are your beliefs about time? - Do you: value it, wish for more, regret its passing, want it to go faster or slower, expect it to be respected, honor it, never get enough of it, feel desperate as it passes? 
  1. What would you like to change in your day? - Since you only have power to change yourself and not others, would you change your words, thoughts, behavior, ideas, judgments, questions, beliefs? 
  1. What would like to change about your night? - Do you get to sleep or are you awake at a job or frequently to provide care to a loved one or children? How could you create a night that fits your needs? 
  1. What do you want to let go? -  Ill feelings toward others or yourself, values that don't work for you, habits that hurt you or others, stuff you don't need, worries that don't help, fears that keep you stuck? 
  1. What ten ideas make you happy. - Don't limit these because of money, time, or resources scarcity. Let yourself dream. 
  1. Write the lyrics to a song you love. Name the emotions you feel as you listen or write. - Listen for this song and others you connect with during each day and record special feelings these songs inspire in your journal.  
  1. Where do you want to travel and explore? Why? If you don't enjoy traveling or choose to stay put while caring for your loved one(s), how do you furnish or decorate your surroundings to reflect your personality? 
  1. How have you been patient with yourself and others this week? - Most of us think we're impatient, but we don't notice all the times we were kind, loving, and tolerant before our dam broke. Acknowledge the ways you tried. 
  1. What new skill would you like to learn? Why? - Again, try to go beyond your perceived limits of time, money, resources, talent, or grit, and explore anything that really intrigues you. 
  1. How do you organize your surroundings? Do you feel comfortable in your space? - What do you enjoy looking at, smelling, touching, sitting on, playing with, or using in your daily activities? 
  1. What dream have you always had? - Have you accomplished some dreams? What are they? What other dreams are you still holding onto? What seasons in your life have been more or less appropriate for fulfilling them? 
  1. Draw a picture of something that interests you. Describe what you drew. - Stick figures and impressionist work is allowed. 
  1. How do you calm yourself when you feel stress? - Are you afraid to explore the thoughts that created your stress? Do you rush to act cool when you feel hot-headed? Do you pray, meditate, breathe deeply, or use any other calming approaches? How do they work out? 
  1. What do you fear most? What one word describes your emotion if that were to happen? - Most of us fear the unknown or things that haven't occurred and probably never will. Our imagination creates more misery than actual events. How do you function when you fear? Notice the difference between emotions of fearing an event and living an event. 
  1. How can you be more mindful of your desires? - Are you so used to burying your wants and needs under the pile of duties and responsibilities you've taken on that you can't even remember what you want? 
  1. How do you navigate your toughest days? Do you hole up, withdraw, hit the pavement, drive away, buffer with an addiction (like food, alcohol, shopping, or gossip)? Or do you have compassion for yourself and slow down, have some tea, walk, journal, read a book, or take a nap (that is, after the tough part is over). 
  1. What’s your favorite way to tackle obstacles? - Head on, procrastinating, logically working them out, flipping a coin, trusting your heart, a combination of things? 
  1. Are you taking time to focus on your breathing regularly? - How do you feel after five slow, deep breaths? Describe the changes in your mind and body. 
  1. Think about a past mistake. Have you forgiven yourself? Did you intend harm to anyone? What if there was nothing to forgive? Do you know that mistakes aren't sins? Sin is rebellion against God. If you make errors in judgment, you can learn from them without piling on any guilt. Write how you feel about mistakes. 
  1. Write about someone you love. - What do you appreciate about them, look forward to experiencing with them, see in them, enjoy about your relationship with them? 
  1. Write about yourself in the same tone as you wrote about your loved one. - Can you see yourself as someone you love and write about yourself as generously as you did another loved one? 
  1. Write a letter to yourself as a six-year-old. What do you want this child to know? - What challenges will you face as you grow? Who loves and supports you? How will you overcome, accept, or embrace the changes of childhood in your family, school, and community? 
  1. Write a letter to your 16-year-old self. What encouragement do you give yourself? - How do you see the opportunities of becoming an adult and taking your place in society, keeping committments, working on a career or education plan, nurturing relationships, caring for your body and spirit, and adopting your values? 
  1. Write a letter to yourself from the future you. - What will that older self say to help, thank, and comfort the current you? What is future you proud of and grateful for that you have waded through and accomplished? 
  1. Who would you like to call and talk to? - Do you miss a friend, hope to reconnect with a family member, need to discuss a work issue with a colleague, want to develop a new relationship, thank someone you appreciate? 
  1. What are your favorite self-care interventions? - Patting yourself on half your back when you got three of six items on your to-do list done, dancing to your favorite playlist, or catching dinner and a movie with a spouse, friend, or child? 
  1. How do you feed your soul? - Do you long to be in nature, indulge in foodie exploration, listen to music, play an instrument, or sing, move your body, play with children, read for pleasure, meditate, study and ponder spiritual things, pray, serve others? 

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