The Writer’s Block Myth Debunked

I munched on my peanut buttery, chocolate protein bar as I clicked the link to my group.

How many in the group would claim writer’s block today?

Not sure why I still cared, I scrolled the column of responses to the word-count prompt posted every day by our writing coach and group moderator.

Jill Armijo • Aug 20, 2020

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Do You Need a Book Coach, or a Ghostwriter?

Are you super excited to share something the world needs to know, like in a book? But you have no idea how to start? A good coach would help.

Or have you been dreaming of the best thriller ever, and you think it would make a great book, maybe even a movie? But you don’t feel like you could write it?

This would be the job of the ghostwriter in your life. Don’t know any?

Jill Armijo • Aug 20, 2020

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One Simple Tip to Making Writing Easy Instead of Hard

What is the hardest part of writing? You, of course.

The part of you that doubts what you have to say is of value, that you’ll know the best way to write it, or that others will recognize it as a lifeline.

You have a message to share that means the world to you. Will readers shrug it off as trivial, mock your ideas, or, worst of all, ignore the gift you offer?

Your most vulnerable place is giving your heart away through your writing, wondering if others will see it. Appreciate it. And implement it. You can help other people.

They need your gift. So why keep it inside?

Jill Armijo • Aug 29, 2020

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