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Available starting this December 20, 2021

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Benefits you will get
from this program:

  • Get personalized coaching among friends in a safe place. 

  • Feel supported as others share similar challenges.

  • Connect with coaches and caregivers who understand you.

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Group Sessions

Group Coaching Sessions with Jill Armijo. Two 60-minute sessions per week.
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Jill Armijo

Do you feel trapped in your role as a caregiver to someone you hardly recognize anymore?

Are you lonely, overwhelmed and frustrated?

Not getting enough play, self-expression, intimacy, help from family, career fulfillment, sleep, or ME time? 
You don't have to settle for losing who you are as you set aside your life to care for someone you love anymore. 

I'm Jill Armijo your Caregiver Coach.
And I'm here to show you the way!

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Caregivers Love

Debbie Drake

Jill has the compassion that a struggling caregiver needs in their corner. She has the experience first-hand and the health struggles of a caregiver. Only someone who’s gone through it can successfully help another person do the same. 

Michelle Bray

I’m Jill’s very biggest fan. She always has the empathy to meet me where I am, and she is non-judgmental no matter what I criticize about myself and what I do or say.
Thank you Jill!

Diane DiFrancesco

Jill has a lifetime of experience and compassion. She is a trusting soul and that’s critical to helping caregivers. She has excellent communication skills, is accessible, follows up, and is easy to talk to as a good active listener.