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Weight Loss

Finding yourself in the role of caregiver, whether you’re new to it, or whether you’ve been at it a while, it’s normal to feel like you want your life back, like you have no freedom, no “me time”, your friends are scarce, your family is judgmental or don’t understand, and you just feel like it’s a never ending battle of to-do’s. I know.

If you struggle with your weight, low energy, uncontrolled, cravings, poor motivation, stress, lack of sleep, brain fog, pain, skin problems, swelling, or bloating and discomfort, I know how you feel. I've been there. I've tried the diet plans and the workout regimens. I've felt weak, ugly, unworthy, and hopeless.

The answer- You need your own plan, not someone else's plan. No dieting. Yummy food, real food. I don't sell any bars or shakes or affiliate with anyone who does. I don't promote spending time and money on approaches that aren't sustainable.

My secret is the method I've developed through hard experience, and with the help of my own coaches, who helped me heal. I've been overweight and in so much pain I couldn't walk more than 2 blocks without paying for it all night long, taking medication, using patches, and coping by eating, since I was up anyway, and hungry.

I couldn't concentrate on a task for more than 20 minutes, or get up from the floor without limping several steps before I could walk. I took a happy pill to keep from crying or throwing things, and my skin looked like I was a teenager, with zits popping up every time I looked in the mirror. I had canker sores, bladder infections, ear infections. My gut flora was demolished from all the anti-biotics, which weakened my immune system and promoted weight gain. I was the first to get sick and took the longest to recover among my co-workers, family and friends.

Now, I'm at my ideal weight. I regularly walk my doggies 3 miles, I eat delicious food when I'm hungry. If I get full I can stop eating, my skin is clear, I got off my happy pills two years ago, and I can concentrate for hours. I used to watch the clock, snacking to cope with the irritation of paperwork, the boredom of sitting at my desk, or the stress of dealing with my veteran. Now I lose track of time, I love my work, and when I go to bed I sleep like a baby, waking up without an alarm between 5 and 6 every morning.

This is freedom.

I would love the chance to help you on your journey to finding freedom from emotional eating, cravings, pain, inflammation, and self recrimination.